We launched a new question-and-answer (Q&A) website on Life Cycle Assessment. ask.openLCA (https://ask.openlca.org/) is the official support platform for openLCA, openLCA nexus and the LCA Collaboration Server (non-confidential support requests). Still, we invite all LCA practioners to contribute questions, answers as comments as long as they somehow related to Life Cycle Assessment! Don’t stop contacting us via email for confidential support requests though.

ask.openLCA is not a discussion forum but rather aims at finding straightforward answers to specific LCA-related questions. Read below how it works!

We archived our previous forum … but not without importing all posts since 2017 into ask.openLCA. The archived openLCA user forum is now on read only.


How does ask.openLCA work?

Ask a question … get an answer

Ask a question and get a straightforward answer … ask.openLCA is not a discussion forum. Good answers are voted up so that they will be listed first.

The user who asked the question selects an answer as the best answer. … this does not necessarily mean the other answers do not work!


Good questions get good answers

When asking a question, focus on your real problem and provide details. The users who answer your question must understand and reproduce your problem.


Has your question been asked before?

The Ask a question page will help you to find out …



Tagging helps fellow users to find and also to understand your question … this makes sure they get you the right answer!


Don’t ruin your reputation!

Your reputation increases with positive votes from fellow users. With an increasing reputation you may receive additional user rights such as access to moderation tools. If you repeatedly ask unspecific question or lose focus, fellow users may downvote your posts which is bad for your reputation.


Improve your questions and answers as you go along

Aim of ask.openLCA is to provide quick and good answers to specific questions. Keep improving your questions and answers through edits while using comments only for clarification!


Get started!

… browse hot questions
… ask a question
… register a user account