The ecoinvent v.3.3 database has been released in openLCA Nexus with all the numerous updates and new data from the ecoinvent Centre. The database is available in Nexus as both unit and aggregated system processes for the three system models provided by ecoinvent. Moreover, the ecoinvent database in openLCA is now more user-friendly, including the following benefits:

  • Extended cost/revenue data in the ecoinvent v.3.3 database that can be used with the new Life Cycle Costing features of openLCA 1.5.
  • Possibility of using the same flow with multiple providers in a process, which simplifies the modelling of your own processes using ecoinvent products.
  • Easy access from openLCA to the PDF reports and links to ecoinvent’s web pages of the unit process dataset, LCI and LCIA results per process.

In addition, the following benefits from the openLCA version of ecoinvent v.3.2 are also included in ecoinvent v.3.3:

  • Possibility of combining different system models and process types in a single openLCA database.
  • Guidelines for conversion of processes using ecoinvent v.3.2 intermediate exchanges to ecoinvent v.3.3.
  • More user-friendly naming of activities.
  • Access to the pack of LCIA methods as implemented by the ecoinvent Centre, in order to reproduce their LCIA results.
  • Possibility of using the openLCA LCIA methods pack thanks to the mapping of elementary flows to the openLCA reference list.

If you own already an ecoinvent license with valid maintenance from openLCA Nexus, go directly to your “Downloads” page to get the new version of the data files:

You can also purchase the ecoinvent databases here: