For three days GreenDelta has had a booth in the greenshowroom/knowledge lounge at the Ethical Fashion Show in Berlin, informing about Life Cycle Assessment and social Life Cycle Assessment of textile products.

We experienced great interest in the methodology of environmental and social Life Cycle Assessment among the visitors (designers, purchasers, sustainable fashion students, …).

Picture: “Ethical Fashion Show Berlin” Januar 2017 © Alexander Körner & Thomas Lohnes / Getty Images for Messe Frankfurt

We also presented a case study assessing social and environmental impacts of a T-shirt covering all life cycle stages from resource extraction up to the use phase. In a quiz the visitors could learn more about the impacts regarding water depletion, Climate Change, unfair salaries or overtime. The winners received a PSILCA database licence or the participation in an openLCA training.

You can download the presentation here.