The NEEDS LCI database was updated in openLCA Nexus to include missing data sets for the different scenarios considered in the NEEDS project. It now contains 746 data sets more than the older version available in Nexus.

The cause because the old version did not contain all data sets is that the reference function in the original ecoSpold1 data sets was equal for the same technology/electricity mix and the different scenarios. Thus, when importing the files in openLCA, only the first scenario was imported as the process was considered as “already existing” when the rest were imported. In order to solve this issue, the ecoSpold1 files were modified to make the reference functions unique in each of the files before their import in openLCA. Additional details about the new version of the NEEDS LCI database in openLCA are available at the Documents section of Nexus.

You can download for free the NEEDS database at