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openLCA format converter

The openLCA format converter provides the technical means for data exchange between the most important LCA data formats, enabling users to switch between them as they need.

The converter was the first "piece" to be developed for the openLCA framework. We have been working on it since the end of 2006. The first releases were in April and August 2007. A new version of the converter was published in 2010.

The tool converts EcoSpold01 to ILCD, EcoSpold02 to ILCD, ILCD to EcoSpold01, and ILCD to EcoSpold02. Converted files can also be used by other LCA softwares, beyond openLCA. The converter runs as a stand-alone application on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems - its installation is very fast and easy. Like openLCA, the openLCA format converter is an open source software, which means that both the software and its source code is publicly and freely available.

In November 2013, a new project, sponsored by the JRC, started with three main goals:

(1) improve the current conversion of the openLCA format converter
(2) integrate the converter as tool in the ILCD data network, to allow creation of data sets in different formats
(3) develop and establish a procedure and workflow for updating flows and other elements in the different format reference databases, especially also in the ELCD database of the LCA info hub of the JRC.

Updates will be available also here on the site.

As a first step, public input on

  • available other conversion tools and mappings, and
  • suggestions, feedback of the openLCA format converter conversion

is invited, via this excel template.


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