Ecoinvent has expanded their database licences and incorporated two new licences for their database to cater the current data demand:

  • Developer licence – only licence that allows ecoinvent data to be in software tools.
  • Enterprise licence – for multi-user contract ofecoinvent licences.

All of the information regarding ecoinvent database licences is provided by ecoinvent following this link: Here, we aim to give a summary for our openLCA users and also more information about acquiring licences.


Ecoinvent database licences:

Commercial – single-user, perpetual licence for LCA experts with full access to the database, as well as the three system models:, APOS, Consequencial.

Commercial Subsequent licences are given for the second licence purchase onwards, and they are valid for the same organisation at the same site.

Educational – multi-user, perpetual licence for academic institutions, valid for 1 professorship at one university/school location for unsubsidised educational projects. Full access to the database granted.

Developer – This licence is aimed at developers that use ecoinvent data in software tools. This package looks at a sub-licencing contract of the ecoinvent database. Starter developer packages consist of sub-licensing rights for the software tool users and 1 Commercial licence to access the ecoinvent database for the software tool developer.

    • Lite [1] – Access to individual LCIA scores and/or UPRs out of ecoinvent datasets and indicators, and yearly subscriptions per selected LCIA scores and software tool user or optional per single LCIA score (‘per click pricing’). Other pricing models are available upon request.
    • Basic [2]yearly licence allowing to purchase entire industrial sector data and one indicator. The price for a yearly subscription per industrial sector is € 300 per software tool user. Other pricing models upon request.
    • Pro [3] for tools that use the full commercial ecoinvent licence, including LCI, LCIA, UPR and reports. It supports the 3 system models: Cut-off, APOS and Consequential. Each user of the tool also has full access to ecoQuery[4].

Enterprise – This licence is thought for corporate users that want an enterprise contract for a multi-user ecoinvent licence. Full access to the database, as with Commercial Licence, is granted.

    • Standard [5] – minimum of 5 named end users working for the same organisation. For the pricing of a larger number of users per organisation or a perpetual licencing model, please contact ecoinvent sales team.
    • Floating [6]– for a pre-defined number of concurrent, unnamed users working for one organisation. For the pricing of a larger number of users per organisation or a perpetual licencing model, please contact ecoinvent sales team.
    • Premium [7]– this licence has the possibility to combine full access licence with selected data used in software tools.


Ecoinvent database for openLCA

To obtain a licence of the ecoinvent database for openLCA:

Type of licenceAdquisition
CommercialPurchase through openLCA Nexus
Commercial Subsequent
Upgrade licence
DeveloperGet in contact with ecoinvent & GreenDelta


To purchase a licence through openLCA Nexus, visit:

For any queries contact us on

You can gen in contact with ecoinvent through







[4] Login for ecoinvent database for full online documentation: