GaBi life cycle inventory data version SP36 (2018) is now available for openLCA via GaBi LCA databases include more than 12,000 Life Cycle Inventory data sets based on primary data collection including from agriculture, building and construction, chemicals & materials, consumer goods, education, electronics & ICT, energy & utilities, food & beverage, healthcare & life sciences, industrial products, metals & mining, plastics, retail, service sector and textiles. now features the following GaBi life cycle inventory data in version SP36 (February 2018):

  • GaBi Professional database
  • GaBi Lean database
  • GaBi Indian
  • GaBi openLCA LCIA methods
  • Extension database Ia: Intermediates organic
  • Extension database Ib: Intermediates inorganic
  • Extension database II: Energy
  • Extension database III: Steel
  • Extension database IV: Aluminum
  • Extension database V: Non-ferrous metals
  • Extension database VI: Precious metals
  • Extension database VII: Plastics
  • Extension database VIII: Coatings
  • Extension database IX: End of life
  • Extension database X: Manufacturing processes
  • Extension database XI: Electronics
  • Extension database XII: Renewable raw materials
  • Extension database XIV: Construction materials
  • Extension database XV: Textile finishing
  • Extension database XVI: Seat covers
  • Extension database XVII: Full US
  • Extension database XVIII: NREL USLCI Integrated
  • Extension database XIX: Bioplastics
  • Extension database XX: Food & Feed
  • Extension database XXI: India

Get GaBi databases 2018 for openLCA

Download Gabi databases 2018 for openLCA via

GaBi databases 2018 – Upgrades and improvements

  • Overall, more than 900 new processes
  • 189 new processes in the GaBi professional database
  • 413 new processes in the Extension database IX: End of life
  • 156 new processes in the Extension database XVII: Full US
  • 152 new processes in the Extension database II: Energy
  • Update of all data sets related to energy
  • Update of all data sets related to previous metals
  • … and much more

GaBi databases 2018 in openLCA

The ILCD package of GaBi databases 2018 provided by thinkstep to GreenDelta for implementation in openLCA, was subject to several modifications.

Flows were refactored to be mapped to their respective location and to avoid multiple entries of flows with the same reference ID but different locations.

Categories were refactored. The structure in the original ILCD package was inconsistent and included duplicates of specific folders.

The GaBi data sets were adapted to the general modelling requirements of openLCA (e.g. mapping of flow properties and unit groups from openLCA to the respective GaBi flows, etc.). In addition, the GaBi data quality system was implemented.

Elementary flows were NOT mapped to openLCA’s reference data to optimize reproducibility of results calculated in GaBi. However, in the long term it is planned to publish an additional version of the GaBi databases which allow to combine different databases from openLCA nexus.

Important modelling advice

Please read section 2.1 general modelling of the GaBi 2018 in openLCA documentation to prevent false results in the impact assessment.