More than once we have been asked whether we offer hosting for the LCA Collaboration Server and yes … we do! The LCA Collaboration Server is available for download free of charge via However, not all users have the IT infrastructure to host their own LCA Collaboration Server or do not want to bother with its installation and operation. For these application-driven users, GreenDelta offers various hosting options that are now listed on

In addition, GreenDelta offers service contracts that support LCA Collaboration Server users and administrators in the LCA Collaboration Server’s use and its administration. All service contracts guarantee its owners prioritized support via the GreenDelta HelpDesk and assure a smooth user experience.

Learn more about the LCA Collaboration Server on our openLCA YouTube channel or by reading the LCA Collaboration Server user manual.

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Revamped Service Contracts for openLCA

Accompanying the introduction of new services for the LCA Collaboration Server, we also revamped the existing service contracts for openLCA. The price structure has been simplified and a one-page overview of all support contracts is now available. Moreover, the actual services are now being provided via the newly introduced GreenDelta HelpDesk.

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