openLCA 1.7.3 is available for download and features quite a few very nice improvements!

Big thanks to the United States Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Energy Technology Laboratory for supporting the development of the most recent openLCA version, – We look forward to continue cooperating in the future!

Besides the usual minor usability and performance improvements as well as bug fixes, openLCA 1.7.3 features the following major enhancements:

Improved LCA Collaboration Server compatibility

We fixed a a bug when working with openLCA and the LCA Collaboration Server and we advice all users working with openLCA in combination with the LCA Collaboration Server to use openLCA 1.7.3!

Multi provider checks during product system creation

When creating a product system, openLCA can now automatically check for flows with multiple providers. If flows with multiple providers are detected in a product system, a dialogue pops up which lets you select the default provider for the respective flows.

Improved Copy and Paste compatibility within openLCA and with other software (e.g. Excel)

openLCA users can now seamlessly copy and paste data between input and output lists of processes as well as with other software such as Excel. The feature also works for parameter tables.

Drop-down menu for parameters and auto completion

Parameters in input and output lists of processes can now be selected via a drop-down menu.

‘Usage view’ for parameters

The use of parameters within a database can now be checked via the ‘usage view’ feature (right-click on a parameter and select usage).


  • Improved view of a long list of search results in openLCA
  • The first connection of openLCA to a new database is now much quicker
  • Parameter and function names may now start with non-letter characters

Download & Support

Download the most recent version of openLCA for free via Happy LCA modelling!

For help ask the community or get professional support.