We would like to introduce you to the newest release of our free Life Cycle Assessment software. In an upcoming webinar we would like to show you how to benefit from openLCA 1.9, introducing also new and improved components in the software

The following content will be covered:

  1. Brief intro of openLCA (structure, installation, databases)
  2. New features:
    • Nested product systems
    • Process specific Monte Carlo simulation results
    • Enhanced product systems statistics
    • Improved usability: detachable tabs and more
    • Updated reference data

A brief description of the above and further components can be found under “What’s new in openLCA?”

To access to the webinar and Q&A for openLCA1.9, please klick on the following link: Registration. The webinar will be held on August 21, 2019 from 10 to 11 am CEST in English language.

Detailed written instructions can be found can be found in our free resources overview under manuals.


GreenDelta GmbH, developer of openLCA, offers openLCA users prioritised and guaranteed professional openLCA support via the GreenDelta helpdesk. Public (User2User) support for openLCA is available via ask.openlca.org.