Data Quality Systems in openLCA

Own data quality systems can be defined by the user, or existing ones can be used (such as the ecoinvent Pedigree matrix). These matrices can be used at three levels:

  1. For the general data quality of a process; this is only for documentary purposes for your own or for existing processes and is not used for calculation.
  2. For the data quality of each exchange in a process; this information will be used in the calculation when “assess data quality” is selected. An aggregation for each flow and impact category is then calculated.
  3. For the data quality of social aspects; this serves only as documentation at the moment.

The calculated data quality  (from point 2) is then shown in the inventory results, the LCIA results / impact analysis and the sankey diagram.

In addition to this, uncertainty values can also be calculated from the matrices and can be used in the Monte Carlo simulation.