openLCA is a free, modern, powerful, user-friendly open source software for life cycle assessments, footprints, and ecodesign.

Graphical modelling
openLCA has a graphical user interface where you can modify your process networks easily. As additional feature, an automated completion function builds entire supply chains in seconds.

Databases in openLCA
Directly after the installation, openLCA does not contain any data, but there are many databases available for import into openLCA.

Since version 1.2.9, openLCA provides the possibility
to analyse locations of impacts in a world map. This
is a unique feature in LCA software so far.


Uncertainty calculation
Since version 1.2.8, openLCA contains a Monte Carlo simulation for uncertainty analyses, and also the pedigree approach for characterising input uncertainty.

LCA data
GaBi, ecoinvent, SHDB, ├ľkobauDat, ELCD...
openLCA, LCIA methods, format converter
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openLCA is a free, professional Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and footprint software with a broad range of features and many available databases, created by GreenDelta since 2006. It is an open source software; the software and its source code is freely available. The software is fully transparent and can be modified by anyone.

Besides being open source and free, openLCA offers...
professional life cycle modeling,
up-to-date usability,
a broad choice of life cycle databases, probably the largest worldwide, and
fluent collaboration for teams.

This leads us to say: "openLCA - doing more with less".

We invite you to take a tour through the site and to explore openLCA. If you have any comments, please let us know. Thanks in advance.