GreenDelta provides training courses for openLCA in English, German, and Spanish on a regular basis. We offer different kinds of trainings for beginners and advanced users. Trainings take place in Berlin, in-house or online, either one-on-one or in groups.

For trainings in other languages or countries you can also contact one of our partners.

Group trainings

Upcoming group trainings

May 8 2017, 2pm CEST: FREE Webinar: What´s new in openLCA 1.6?

We are holding a free webinar on new developments in openLCA on May 8, 2017 2:00 PM CEST. For registering please contact us and you will receive information on how to access the webinar.

Note: The number of participants is limited – first come (register), first served. For those who can’t attend our live session or are too late registering, we’ll provide the webinar slides on the openLCA website afterwards.

Edit: You can download the webinar slides under “Free resources” here, or re-watch the webinar on our Youtube channel.

May 22 & 23 2017: Life Cycle Assessment with openLCA (Berlin, Germany)

Group Training: Life Cycle Assessment with openLCA
May 22nd & 23rd 2017, 1.5 days
in Berlin, Germany

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June 13 & 14 2017: Life Cycle Assessment with openLCA (Paris or Bordeaux, France)

Group Training: Life Cycle Assessment with openLCA
13 & 14 November 2017, 1.5 days
in Paris or Bordeaux, France

The course is held by our French partner ( and will be in French.

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June 12 2017: Introduction to openLCA and Life Cycle Assessment (Medellín, Colombia)

Group Training: Introduction to openLCA and Life Cycle Assessment (environmental, social & costs)
June 12, 2017, 1 day
in Medellín, Colombia

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For registering, you need to register for the CILCA conference, as participation in the workshops is included in the conference fee:


If you are not interested in the conference, but still want to participate in the workshop, please contact us.

June 16 2017: Social Life Cycle Assessment in practice (Medellín, Colombia)

Group Training: Social Life Cycle Assessment in practice
June 16, 2017, 1 day
in Medellín, Colombia

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Sept/Oct 2017: Life Cycle Assessment with openLCA (Berlin, Germany)

Group Training: Life Cycle Assessment with openLCA
Sept/Oct 2017, 1.5 days
in Berlin, Germany

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Request new training course

If none of the upcoming training dates suit your needs, you can request a new training course.

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Typical content of group training courses

All courses contain both theoretical and practical parts, based on illustrative case studies. Content is coordinated with all participants well before the training. A two-day course for beginners covers for instance the following topics:

  • The four phases of an LCA
  • First steps and basic functions
  • Available data and data exchange
  • Creating processes and flows
  • Working with product systems and projects
  • Result analysis and interpretation
  • Modeling with parameters
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Allocation and system expansion
  • Tips and tricks

optional topics include:

  • End-of-life modeling
  • Uncertainty analysis
  • Data conversion
  • Life Cycle Costing with openLCA
  • Social Life Cycle Assessment with openLCA
  • Regionalized LCIA
  • Scripting
  • Working with ecoinvent or GaBi
  • Environmental Product Declarations

Remote training courses

Note! We are currently updating the remote training courses, but you can still order the “old” version at the moment (see below).

The remote training is an advanced openLCA training course that lasts 3 months and the participant will receive training materials (manuals, exercises etc.) for specific topics to gain a deeper understanding of the use and all functions of the software. Regular web meetings are organized to make sure all questions are answered. The following topics can be covered:

  • Module A: Modeling with parameters
  • Module B: Calculation and interpretation of LCI and LCIA results
  • Module C1: Modelling of complex product systems: Allocation, system expansion and uncertainty analysis
  • Module C2: Modelling of complex product systems: Modeling LCA stages and internal recycling/loops
  • Module D: End-of-Life modeling
  • Module E: ecoinvent v3 database

More detailed information about the remote training course (English(pdf) / Spanish(pdf))


The following table gives an overview of the net prices for the different types of training. We offer reductions for universities and non-profit organisations.

Type of trainingNormal feeReduced fee
Group trainingsper person and day
Standard600 €500 €
Inhouse1,2,3700 €On request
Online500 €250 €
Developer1.500 €On request
Private trainingsper day
Standard1.500 €On request
Inhouse12.000 €On request
Online1.000 €On request
Seminarsper person
Advanced remote training750 €-
1 plus travelling costs 2 on request for larger groups 3 minimum of three participants