openLCA 1.6, released March 2017

What´s new in 1.6?

The biggest change compared to the 1.5 version of openLCA is the introduction of Data Quality Systems. This is a huge and really nice improvement, making it possible to not only document data quality, but also to calculate an aggregated result of data quality for your complete product system.

Own data quality systems can be defined by the user, or existing ones can be used (such as the ecoinvent Pedigree matrix). These matrices can be used at three levels:

  1. For the general data quality of a process; this is only for documentary purposes
  2. For the data quality of each exchange in a process; this information will be used in the calculation
  3. For the data quality of social aspects

The calculated data quality is then shown in the inventory results, the LCIA results/impact analysis and the sankey diagram. Furthermore, uncertainty values can be calculated from the matrices and can be used in the Monte Carlo simulation.

Another big improvolca_cs_150ement is the release of the Collaboration server. This is a new tool that works together with openLCA and provides powerful multi user and data management/versioning capabilities. openLCA 1.6 is now compatible with the most updated version of the Collaboration server. (Find more information about it here.)

Some other useful improvements include:

  • The calculation results were cleaned up to reduce redundant information
  • An update manager allows installing optional updates, for example loading the ecoinvent Pedigree matrix into your database
  • A validation tool checks the consistency of a whole database
  • The pie chart in the calculation results were replaced with stacked charts to be able to also display negative results
  • Process results tab table entries can now be copied to clipboard
  • New Hungarian translation
  • Some smaller bug fixes (e.g. display errors for html views for Linux users were corrected)

All of the software changes mentioned here were carried out by the GreenDelta Team in Berlin; support from sponsors, including the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) is gratefully acknowledged.

How to get the latest version?

Version 1.6 is available at the openLCA Downloads website. You can use either the installer or the .exe file included in the zip file also provided in the downloads page (no need to de-install your older version). In both cases, when you open a database, the update manager will be opened and you will need to install the required updates. By clicking OK, you accept the conversion. The content of the database will not be affected by the required updates, only the structure. Have in mind that this process cannot be reversed. Once your database has the new database structure it cannot be opened with earlier openLCA versions (e.g. 1.5.0, 1.4.2).