openLCA 1.7.2, released July 2018

What´s new in 1.7.2?

Along with the LCA Collaboration Server, we are releasing a brand new version of openLCA which features several usability and performance improvements.


Stored inventory results

Previously calculated inventory results (quick calculations) are now stored. If you work with the LCA Collaboration Server, calculated inventory results are shared along with product systems.


Improved tab system

A right-click on a tab now offers various tab management options that improve the usability of openLCA.


Performance improvements

Our developers implemented the Julia library to improve openLCA’s performance through multithreading. openLCA now makes the most out of your hardware and calculates results even faster.


Inter Process Communication (IPC)

The menu entry developer tools offers the new feature IPC Server, – a platform-independent data exchange interface via http. IPC Server allows to run openLCA services via the Python’s standard library.


Extended-ILCD support

openLCA 1.7.2 is the first publicly available LCA software that supports the new E-ILCD format. The latter has been developed as part of the European Commission’s Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) pilots.

How to get the latest version?

Version 1.7 is available at the openLCA Downloads website. You can use either the installer or the .exe file included in the zip file also provided in the downloads page (no need to de-install your older version). In both cases, when you open a database, the update manager will be opened and you will need to install the required updates. By clicking OK, you accept the conversion. The content of the database will not be affected by the required updates, only the structure. Have in mind that this process cannot be reversed. Once your database has the new database structure it cannot be opened with earlier openLCA versions (e.g. 1.5.0, 1.4.2).