Service and Support for openLCA

openLCA is and will remain a free, open source software. It can be used completely free of charge. Free support is available in the “Learning & Support” section on this website.

Due to popular demand, GreenDelta, the creator of openLCA, is now offering new optional service contracts.

An openLCA Service Contract entitles you to dedicated service and support by GreenDelta for the openLCA software, including a special support phone number and a dedicated support email address. With dedicated service and support, we have the time and resources to take care of any issues and questions that may arise for you when using openLCA. As a side effect, you support us in further developing and refining the openLCA software. Different Service Contract options are available:

openLCA "Quick start" support

Includes all services to ensure the software handling runs smoothly

This support package helps openLCA beginners/newbies to get started with the software. You receive 4 tickets that can be used to answer any questions that arise, covering technical support for the software as well as questions about modelling in openLCA. Questions will be answered by phone, web meeting or email, depending on time and on availability of the client. Tickets are valid for 1 month.

Tip: You can upgrade this support package to a Modeller support (with tickets) simply by paying the difference.

openLCA Modeller support

Includes modeller support tickets or can be purchased on an hourly basis

A modeller support contract is right for getting answers to specific question about modelling in openLCA. Questions will be answered by phone, web meeting or email, depending on time and on availability of the client. Answers are provided by qualified LCA experts.

With support tickets: Tickets are valid for 1 year. The contract includes 20 support tickets for the first, single user, to answer questions about LCA models.

Tip: The business support is best suited if your company needs guidance on creating LCA case studies.

Tip: The educational single user support fits perfect for PhD students who work with openLCA!

Hourly rate: Support can be purchased on an hourly basis. The time spent will be tracked by GreenDelta and detailed to the client in the corresponding invoice. The client can purchase in advance several hours of support, or make a pre-payment of the first hour, and get charged monthly the additional hours.

Tip: If you are unsure how much support you will need, you can purchase one or two hours first.

openLCA Software support

Includes all services to ensure the software handling runs smoothly

This support package deals with all questions about software installation, database import and export, database combination, user management, software deployment, etc.. In addition, one day of implementation is offered. This way, small parts of the software can be adapted to perfectly fit specific user needs. The specific content of this implementation has to be agreed upon with the software developer.

This support service is valid for one year.

Tip: Having the educational multi user support means that students of the same faculty can contact us directly with software issues and do not need to bother the professor/teacher.

openLCA Developer support

Includes developer support tickets

The developer support package guarantees support for those writing code in openLCA or software that is based on openLCA. It contains 20 support tickets that can be used to have specific IT questions answered, either by phone, email or in a web meeting, by a competent openLCA software developer. Use this contract for support if you are developing in and for openLCA, for obtaining IT advice, and feedback on own code. Answers are provided by qualified IT experts experienced in openLCA and general software development.

All support tickets are valid for one year.

Tip: It is also possible to extend this contract with additionally booked implementation days for a software developer which is useful e.g. for “getting up to speed” with own implementation tasks.

openLCA University

Training for teaching staff

We capacitate teaching staff to teach students openLCA. Trainings for teaching staff are customised depending on the staffs’ level of experience. Common subjects include:

  • The four phases of an LCA
  • First steps and basic functions
  • Available data and data exchange
  • Creating processes and flows
  • Working with product systems and projects
  • Result analysis and interpretation
  • Modeling with parameters
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Allocation and system expansion
  • End-of-life modeling
  • Uncertainty analysis
  • Life Cycle Costing with openLCA
  • Social Life Cycle Assessment with openLCA
  • Regionalized LCIA
  • Scripting
  • Working with ecoinvent or GaBi
  • Environmental Product Declarations

Developing exercises and teaching materials

In close consultation with the contractor we develop exercises for students. This includes supporting materials such as slides and handouts with exercises, and example databases for students and teachers.

Service contracts

To ensure a smooth proceeding of practical LCA courses, we further recommend service contracts (see above) to answer questions asked by course participants and teachers.