We are happy to announce that we have just released soca – an add-on for ecoinvent v.3.3 providing information for Social LCA.

This add-on contains more than 50 social indicators addressing different sub-categories of four stakeholder groups, for all activities / processes in ecoinvent, with exception of market processes and activities used for database administration and modelling. The information is provided as social risks regarding each indicator, modelled as outputs of a process. Completed by documentary information like raw values, data quality, sources etc. for every data point, soca is a transparent foundation for calculating and assessing social impacts of product systems.

Complemented by the inventory data on environmental impacts and the prices for all products, ecoinvent – soca is the first database that combines Environmental LCA, Social LCA and LCC allowing to carry out full Life Cycle Sustainability Assessments.

More information about the methodology of soca as well as licence types and respective prices can be found on https://nexus.openlca.org/database/soca.

You can also contact us directly under gd@nullgreendelta.com.