LCA data

There are many free and commercial LCA databases available, which are provided by different institutions. We are an official reseller for ecoinvent and GaBi databases and we also offer free databases for use in openLCA.

In principle, each database in EcoSpold or ILCD format can be directly imported into openLCA. Tools like the openLCA format converter or the EcoSpoldAccess spreadsheet macro formerly provided by the ecoinvent centre can be used to create data in the appropriate formats. However, if you want to work with data from several databases, or with specific LCIA methods, more work is required to better align the different data sets. For this reason we also provide data management services, including data conversion.

openLCA Nexus

Already in summer 2012 we created a website called openLCA Nexus, where we provide free and for purchase databases for use in openLCA. The data sets are aligned as much as possible with the openLCA software, for example with a coherent, comprehensive set of elementary flows.

You can also use the Nexus page to search for individual data sets, using a varietly of search criteria such as product, sector, age, time, or price of the data set or database.

The nexus website is available here:

LCIA Methods

Some databases are not (yet) meeting our quality requirements for openLCA Nexus, but could be of interest for the LCA practitioner. They are provided here, as openLCA zolca files.

LCA Food: Nielsen PH, Nielsen AM, Weidema BP, Dalgaard R and Halberg N (2003). LCA food data base. Addded here July 14, 2015. See also this post in the openLCA forum: