Connecting LCA expertise with enterprise

openLCA is a powerful, versatile tool for detailed Life Cycle and Sustainability Assessments.

We developed onlineLCA on top, as webtool, for a mass-calculation of LCAs in an enterprise, for enabling compliant and consistent calculations with a variety of standards, including EN15804 and EPDs, Environmental Footprint, and others.

This was possible due to a series of concluded and still ongoing projects with major companies including ABB, Mercedes-Benz, RWE, Henkel, Siemens Energy.

The setting

The technology behind

openLCA is used as an engine and modelling tool.

Models are prepared by experts in openLCA, and are then “exposed” via openLCA’s versatile API to the onlineLCA webtool. The webtool has a user rights management system, users can select, calculate, and compare according to their defined rights modify models. Typical modifications are change of materials, dimensions, transport distances, transport modes, end of life options.

This enables many persons in an organisation, be it in product development, marketing, procurement, or higher management, to explore different variants and options, securely, fast, and correctly, without a detailed knowledge of LCA modelling and regulation compliance rules.

Results can be inspected, and also turned into reports and documentation material that can be configured for onlineLCA, also according to company templates of course.

This allows for a massive roll-out and upscaling of LCA capabilities, for any enterprise.

How to get onlineLCA running

Typical outlook of a project

onlineLCA is typically configured to a specific case, with these tasks

  • Adapting onlineLCA UI to a company template, possibly also developing reporting templates
  • Adapting to company data sources
  • Setting up LCA models in openLCA
  • Possibly adapt the UI to fully reflect the defined model
  • Training and roll-out

onlineLCA can be hosted in a cloud, on premise, or also by GreenDelta.

Mass-calculation of LCAs

compliant to selected norms and standards

onlineLCA allows literally hundreds of people to connect and perform specific LCA calculations, in line with premodeled LCAs, giving different persons different roles, with different privileges. Premodeled LCAs are done on openLCA, by a small expert group. Company information sources can be added, openLCA’s API and broad support for different data formats help to do this efficiently.


onlineLCA is affordable; due to the different tasks, there is typically not one fix price – talk to us if you are interested and to request a demo.

Contact us to request a demo and for discussing details.