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Guided case studies

Typically, both openLCA and Life Cycle Assessment case studies are learned best in a practical application. Therefore we offer guided case studies, especially for those new to openLCA and to Life Cycle Assessment. A guided case study will be performed mainly by you, but at important milestones, from software installation to definition of goal and scope to inventory modeling to interpretation, we provide feedback and discuss modeling decisions and conclusions and interpretation. Of course, a non-disclosure agreement makes sure that you can share also sensitive information.

Critical reviews

We perform critical reviews of LCA case studies according to ISO 14040 and 14044. With openLCA you can easily share your complete LCA models with your clients, as well as within the review panel.

Hosting solutions

openLCA can interact with a ILCD database that serves users as a central repository for exchanging process data sets and also complete product system models. We offer hosting solutions for this database, so that you do not need to care for the technical hosting requirements.

Customized software

If openLCA (or other LCA software) does not meet your requirements, we are happy to develop customized adaptions and extensions.

Data management

Data management is one of the big challenges in life cycle analyses. We migrate and convert your data, whether from a singular or a variety of different sources, into one coherent database, we fill in data gaps, and assess and ensure quality of the datasets.