In the latest version which is now available on Nexus, the changes are:

  1. The Corruption Perceptions Index has been adjusted to reflect data from 2023 (source: The index is now referenced on the correct scale, and the risk levels have been updated accordingly. Thank you, Nilay Elginoz from IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, for communicating this feedback.
  2. We have also removed non-social indicator elementary flows from the input/output side of processes, making those that remain more relevant to each given process (see below).

Calculation update:  Finally, for users who previously used a Python script to perform direct calculation of social indicators [1], the script is no longer functional. Instead, you can now view this type of calculation directly under the “Social Assessment” tab after calculating your results. To activate this new feature, go to “File” –> “Preferences” –> “Experimental Features” –> check “New Social Impact Assessment.” Then, restart your software for the changes to take effect.


We are actively gathering feedback from users to prepare for the upcoming PSILCA v4.0. To contribute to PSILCA v4.0, you can join our interactive workshop on 30th July 2024.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please register here: openLCA Nexus: The source for LCA data sets


Reference: [1] Ciroth A, Di Noi C, Srocka M (2019) Revisiting the activity variable in social LCA, beyond worker hours. Presentation LCA XIX, Tucson.