Over the past years, openLCA has been developed extensively as a stand-alone tool as well as a solution for other sustainability tools and add-ons. Other surrounding tools, like the LCA Collaboration Server, have not only helped collaboration between LCA practitioners, but have also allowed for the work and publication of databases such as the LCA Commons by the USDA. Thanks to its low acquisition barrier and available resources, people across the world have had access to use openLCA for LCA studies, projects and research.

With openLCA.conf, it is our goal to bring together these various faces of openLCA. In addition, by attaching our specialised trainings with the conference days, participants can opt to go one level further into their openLCA expertise.


About openLCA.conf 2024

Hosted between April 15-16th in the vibrancy of Berlin, openLCA.conf ’24 marked the creation of a platform that brings openLCA users together. We had the pleasure of facilitating the deep exchange of insights and ideas through sessions spanning the ecosystem of openLCA, data, LCA across industries, case studies and more in the form of keynotes, panel discussions and presentations.

The conference demonstrated the tool’s wide applications, use cases, allowed for insights from us as the creators and enabled discussions to further propel the LCA space for meaningful impact. It was especially fulfilling to witness and engage in focussed interactions within the community. We hope to keep evolving this platform every year and enable more learnings, discussions and outcomes. Stay on the lookout for openLCA.conf 2025!

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The full list of abstracts presented by authors at openLCA.conf can be found here.

The same is also published under DOI 10.5281/zenodo.11103649

Specialised Trainings

Onsite trainings were hosted at GreenDelta following the conference for those interested in further discovery on topics below:

Advanced Topics | Social LCA | Python & openLCA | EPD Trainings



Hotel Rossi was chosen to host our conference in April 2024. The location created an intimate and inclusive environment and was very easy to reach, being at a walking distance from Berlin’s central train station: Lehrter Straße 66, 10557 Berlin

Hotel Rossi is an inclusive hotel where staff with and without disabilities work together as equals to ensure you have a pleasant stay. The hotel is also an initiative of SOS Children’s Village and is located in the Embassy for Children.

Thorough use of their spacious and comfortable facilities was made for the purpose of networking and knowledge-sharing activities.

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Registrations for openLCA.conf will continue to be enabled through openLCA Nexus,

information on openLCA.conf 2025 coming soon!

Towards PSILCA 4.0

Since we started it about 8 years ago, the PSILCA database has received a lot of attention; we are happily impressed by the number of users in research, policy, and enterprises, and the rich studies and cases where PSILCA can contribute. Current version of the...

EF 3.1 database Nexus version 1.4 and Lite version released

In the transition from Environmental Footprint (EF) 3.1 Nexus version 1.3 to version 1.4, several updates and additions have been implemented. Notably, ILCD datasets on plastic recyclates from the Sphera node have been incorporated into the EF database. Below is a...

openLCA LCIA Method package 2.4.0 update released

The latest update of the openLCA LCIA Method package is now available in Nexus:  These are the main highlights of the update: revised water use impact category for the EF 3.1 method compatibility with...

New section about EPDs in openLCA manual

EPDs are ISO type III environmental declarations that transparently report third party verified data about a product from their lifecycle perspective. EPDs are becoming part of procurement policies in several countries [1,2] and part of evaluation schemes for green...

openLCA 2.1 – new software release

We released openLCA 2.0 in May 2023 after a lot of work and iterations. Since the initial release we continued the developments leading to several updates, up to v2.0.4. In January 2024 we are releasing openLCA 2.1. We recommend downloading this new version, not only...

ecoinvent 3.10 – now available for openLCA

The latest version 3.10 of the ecoinvent database includes new impact assessment methods and major updates of the sectors Agriculture, Building and Construction, Chemicals, Electricity, Forestry and Wood, Fuels, Metals, Packaging, Pulp and Paper, and Waste. It...

Agribalyse 3.1.1 now available for openLCA

Agribalyse version 3.1.1 can now be found for download in openLCA Nexus: The implementation to openLCA is explained in a document on the same page: /wp-content/uploads/2024/01/AGRIBALYSE_v_3_1_1_Report.pdf  Agribalyse is...

Exiobase 3.8.2 has been updated

The exiobase 3.8.2 version available in openLCA Nexus has been updated to match the 3.8.2 (2019) version given by the data providers. Until now, the exiobase 3.8.2 (2021) found in Nexus has forecast values rather than measured values. It doesn’t account for the...

LCA Commons database – 2023 update available

LCA Commons is available from the LCA Digital Commons website of the US Department of Agriculture, where various different repositories from different entities generating LCA data and managing LCA databases in the US are contained and provided to the public. In...

Certified Trainers

Certified TrainersIn 2022 we started with the initiative to train others to perform the trainings we do at GreenDelta, also assuring quality of trainings and knowledge of trainers. With the growth and uptake of openLCA also came the demand for trainings. We aim to...