openLCA.conf – the open openLCA LCA conference 2024

Photo of Berlin by Thomas Wolf, / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

April 15-19 2024, Berlin (Germany)


Over the past years, openLCA has been developed further and further, as a stand-alone tool but also as a solution for other sustainability tools and add-ons. Other surrounding tools, like the LCA Collaboration Server, have helped collaboration between LCA practitioners but have also allowed for the work and publication of databases such as the LCA Commons by the USDA. At the same time, thanks to its low acquisition barrier and available resources, many people across the world have used openLCA for LCA studies, projects and research.

We would like to bring all of these faces of openLCA together in the openLCA.conf, a conference for openLCA users, where we can all learn from what others have been doing, and where we as openLCA developers will share insights about next steps.


  • Case studies and use cases
  • openLCA in Industry
  • LCIA methods
  • Data (inventory and impacts)
  • EPDs
  • Tooling, supporting tools for openLCA and integration of openLCA in larger IT systems
  • Collaboration in openLCA
  • Advanced Topics

The conference will also allow space for specialised trainings.

Call for abstracts

If you would like to present in the conference (poster or presentation), send us your abstract!

Please use this template, and send it to us at

Deadline: 1st November 2023



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01.11.23 – Deadline for abstract submission

15.11.23 – Communication of successful abstracts

31.12.23 – Deadline for Early Bird registration

15.04.23 – 19.04.23 openlca.conf 

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