Agribalyse version 3.1.1 can now be found for download in openLCA Nexus:
The implementation to openLCA is explained in a document on the same page: /wp-content/uploads/2024/01/AGRIBALYSE_v_3_1_1_Report.pdf 

Agribalyse is to be used with the openLCA LCIA Method Package, specifically it is recommended by Ademe to use the EF 3.1 LCIA Method. The database can be merged with other databases for openLCA that also use the openLCA Method Package. More documentation on usage can also be accessed through the Nexus page.

Be aware that, since last year, the database is dependent on a valid ecoinvent for openLCA licence.

The 3.1.1 update

The following corrections were made with respect to 3.1, see the full documentation (in French).

  • Correction of LCIs representing Brazilian soya for animal feed
  • Addition and adaptation of intermediate LCIs for animal feed
  • Correction of lead and mercury emissions for certain Agribalyse agricultural LCIs
  • Correction of fertiliser inputs in certain agricultural LCIs
  • Correction of refrigerant emissions for the frozen green bean LCI
  • Correction of the quantity of transport in the tuna LCI
  • Correction of flows in the shrimp farming LCI
  • Correction of R2C and inedible parts in shrimp ICVs
  • Correction of gas consumption for the preparation of pan-fried products
  • Correction of an input in the LCI for onion seed
  • Correction of the types of cheese used in the consumption mixes
  • Correction of inaccurate flows in 2 LCIs
  • Correction of the carbon stock evolution inventory
  • Deletion of LCI for organic pork in doubloon
  • Improvement of LCIs used in the pomelo consumption mix
  • Distinction between reconstituted and non-reconstituted CIQUAL soluble chicory products