cm.chemicals database update was released by Carbon Minds in May 2024, and it is now available for openLCA. You can purchase the updated database through openLCA Nexus, where you can find all of the documentation under “documentation” tab:


Implementation in openLCA

The original database provided by Carbon Minds was transformed to openLCA’s data format “.zolca”. Few corrections were applied:

  • Duplicate elimination from their LCIA Methods,
  • Correction of flow property “Net Calorific Value” to “Energy” for elementary flows, so that it would suit ecoinvent LCIA Method for openLCA.

The database counts with the ecoinvent 3.10 LCIA Methods as well as the Carbon Minds ISO 14067 (based on IPCC 2021) LCIA Method.

The 2024 Annual Data Update

→ Update to ecoinvent 3.10,
→ Update of trade data to reference year 2022,
→ Update of market data about chemical production plants to reference year 2022.

Renewed TÜV certification for the compliance with TfS, ISO 14040/14044/14067, and UEIL/ATIEL.

Improved modelling of individual chemical production processes.


Get cm.chemicals packages for openLCA

For more information on all available data packages, methodology, scope of datasets and detailed changelog, please visit “documents tab” in openLCA Nexus.

Acquire the database in openLCA Nexus: