Now available as an add-on for ecoinvent 3.9.1, the EN15804 add-on for ecoinvent is a database developed by GreenDelta for Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) according to the EN15804 norm. The previous version of the database was also verified according to EN15804 by Therese Daxner.

Overview of most changes and improvements in the add-on for 3.9.1:

  • Fully compatible with openLCA 2.0
  • New and updated characterisation factors for the environmental indicators (most recent ecoinvent implementation of the EF 3.1 EN15804 method)
  • All recyclates are linked to markets instead of empty cut-off processes now, to shift the cut-off for environmental burdens from the point of creation to the point of market availability (transported)
  • Waste indicators are calculated from existing elementary flows inside ecoinvent 3.9.1 with differentiation into hazardous, non-hazardous and radioactive
  • Improved naming and sorting for all impact categories
  • Output flows (MFR, CRU, EE) are characterized with indicator flows and not with product flows anymore
  • Secondary materials and fuels (SM, RSF, NRSF) are characterized with indicator flows and not with product flows anymore
  • New statistical approach in the primary energy calculation for extraction processes and chemical processes with oil or gas inputs (energy use and material use)
  • Impact direction (input or output) set for all impact categories (in few cases, this leads to different signs in the calculation factors compared to previous versions, but the same summation or subtraction results)
  • Only ecoinvent elementary flows, used in processes, are present in the database and impact methods
  • New and sorted flows for EN15804 indicators


Get the database from our market place for LCA data, openLCA Nexus: