Since July 2024, openLCA users can download ProBas for openLCA in its latest version, through openLCA Nexus:

This database from the German Environment Agency (UmweltbBundesamt) includes datasets on energy, materials & products, transport services, disposal, and other services as both unit and system processes.

The recent release has three different versions available, which can be combined or also used separately:

  • Probas2_basis
  • Probas2_public
  • Probas2_Aufstockung

The database was obtained from the public repository node:, and adapted to openLCA. Still, the database shows to have intrinsic issues, e.g. there are no default providers. We are in discussion with the Umweltbundesamt about this matter.

For a full documentation made by GreenDelta, please visit: /wp-content/uploads/2024/07/Probas-2-database-Information-July-2024-final.pdf

To download the database, please visit: