PSILCA 3.1 represents a revised version of version 3.0. It contains several updates and improvements which allow to improve user experience and the reliability of the results by introducing more relevant information, updating risk levels, and fixing minor bugs. Three indicators in PSILCA v3.1 were updated with current or better-suited sources and the data were used for the assessment. This has resulted in more relevant data and better country or sector coverage. For some indicators, data were calculated differently in comparison to previous versions. Also, the evaluation of risks or the risk levels was adapted for some indicators where necessary. Some of the duplicating indicators were removed and further efforts were made to fix bugs such absence of the source or correction of the risk scales.

The updated indicators are listed below:

  • Children in employment, female: the dataset of this indicator, previously provided by the World Bank, is updated with data from ILOSTAT (2023). This new source provides more recent and complete data, both in terms of country and sector coverage.
  • Children in employment, male: updated source, similarly to Children in employment, female.
  • Children in employment, total: updated source, similarly to Children in employment, female.
  • Domestic and external health expenditure (% of current health expenditure): this indicator was removed due to the lack of reliable sources.
  • Health expenditure, public: The World Bank no longer supports this dataset as such, as it was replaced by another indicator “Domestic general government health expenditure” (World Bank 2022). The indicator Health expenditure, the public was thus removed, and is now represented by the indicator “Health expenditure, the domestic general government”.
  • Living wage, per month: this indicator was previously represented by three sub-indicators, lower, average, and upper living wage. Only the average living wage is kept for this version, the two other indicators are deleted.

A full list of updates and detailed changes can be found in the updated manual for PSILCA 3.1.

How to obtain PSILCA v3.1 and where is the documentation?

The database is for sale in the market place for openLCA database: openLCA Nexus 

Here you will also find the documentation, under the “documents” tab.

Users that already have a maintenance PSILCA licence can directly download the update.