A new update of the openLCA LCIA method package has been released and can be obtained through Nexus: https://nexus.openlca.org/database/openLCA%20LCIA%20methods

Since the openLCA LCIA method package v.2.1.3, there have been some updates to the method package:

  1. Some elementary flow names were changed to better naming according to the newest ecoinvent 3.9.1 release. The list is available in the Appendix of this document.
  2. “Carbon dioxide, peat oxidation” characterisation factors were added, affecting mostly Climate Change / Global Warming Potential impact categories.
  3. “Occupation, to dump site” and “transformation, to dump site” flows were revised and characterisation factors corrected for impact categories related to Land Use.
  4. Restructure naming of methods for clarity, e.g. “EF Method (adapted)” to “EF 2.0 Method (adapted)”.
  5. In order to make the method package compatible with new database releases in the past year, new flows and characterisation factors were added.

The openLCA LCIA method package 2.2.1 is compatible with:

  • ecoinvent v3.6, v3.7, v3.7.1, v3.8, v3.9.0, v3.9.1
  • Eugeos 15804+A2
  • Agribalyse v3.0, v3.01, v3.1
  • Agrifootprint v5.0, v6.3
  • OzLCI 2019