[New update available, v.2.3.1: /openlca-lcia-method-package-2-3-1-released/ ]

There is a new version of the LCIA Method packages available in Nexus which includes the EF 3.1 method (new in openLCA), an updated version of the IPCC 2021 method, and also impact directions are now set. This post informs about where to find the updated method packages, more information about what is new, and how to import the new version into openLCA.

From version 2.0.3 onwards, users should use the new method packages to obtain correct results. In that sense, we recommend to

  1. Download the latest version of openLCA
  2. Download the latest version of the LCIA Method packages: openLCA LCIA Method package v.2.3

Impact directions were firstly introduced in a post some weeks ago. The above mentioned method packages work with impact directions.

Warning: These methods should be used with openLCA v.2.0.3. Not doing so will yield in wrong LCIA results as openLCA 2.0.3 has impact directions at impact category level.


What is new in the openLCA LCIA Method package v.2.3?

This is a big update of the method package, with the following changes:

  • The impact directions are set for all methods: this is the method to use for openLCA 2.0.3 onwards.
  • The EF 3.1 LCIA method [1] is now included. This is a big highlight of the update. This adapted version for openLCA includes many more characterisation factors than those released by other parties, e.g. ecoinvent’s adaptation. It also includes and accounts for regionalised flows, which deserves a highlight on its own and for which we will make a dedicated post.
  • The IPCC 2021 method has been updated to the final CF provided by IPCC [2].
  • The ReCiPe Midpoint (H) – Fine Particulate Matter method is now containing rest of regionalised ammonia flows.


What is new in the update of the ecoinvent LCIA method package?

The update was done for v.3.9.1, and only has impact directions corrected.


How to update a method package in openLCA?

  1. Obtain the new method packages from the links in the section above.
  2. Delete the method package and also delete the corresponding impact categories in the impact assess folder.

3. Import new method package. The new method packages should be in a .zip file. This is a JSON-LD. Don’t unzip the files. Go to your database, right click > import.