In the last couple of years, with the increasing uptake of openLCA as a software for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), we have seen a great increase also in the demand for our trainings. We have reached a point where we would like to offer others the possibility to give quality, well-rounded trainings for openLCA in order to meet the demand.

The Trainers Academy prepares openLCA users to give openLCA trainings with the official training material from the openLCA developers.


  • You will get an official certificate from GreenDelta GmbH (developers of openLCA).
  • You get our training material.
  • You have full autonomy to decide on your training schedule.
  • You can decide on the price of your trainings.
  • There will be no commission from us on the trainings organised by you.
  • You also get your name and contact in a dedicated trainers page in our website.
  • You will be a part of the Certified Trainers Network, alongside others like you.
  • Direct communication channel with GreenDelta about latest updates in openLCA.
  • Optional: you get extra visibility to the openLCA community by allowing your bookings through us.

Who can take the training

Anyone is welcome to take part, but it is recommended to take the training when you already have a good knowledge of openLCA and have been working with it for some time.

Please note that this is not an advanced openLCA training, but rather a training with the aim to certify openLCA professionals to teach basic and intermediate openLCA topics.

The agenda of the training

  • Introduction to the Academy
  • Overview of basic and intermediate training material for openLCA trainings
  • Best practices before, during and after trainings
  • Frequent trainees´mistakes/issues during trainings and general mistakes in openLCA
  • openLCA Nexus, helpdesk and resources
  • 4 workshop sessions, choosing from the following topics*: multifunctionality, sensitivity analysis, end of life, modelling recycling, ecoinvent system models, data quality assessment.
  • Time for questions/doubts
  • Written and oral examination

*The choice will be made based on the results of a survey distributed to the Academy participants prior to the training.

To book the course go to: 

If the next course is not online yet, register your interest by sending an email to:

Maybe interested in becoming an openLCA partner? Read more here: /how-to-become-an-openlca-partner/


What topics will I be able to teach?

This training certifies you for “basic and intermediate” content. Find more about our trainings content in our website, /trainings/ .

Can I teach other levels apart from “basic and intermediate”?

Eventually, we hope that many trainers will want to expand their training capabilities to other levels, and topics. For now, we will consider each case individually.

Can I re-take the exam if I fail it?

Yes, once, for a fee.

What about renewing my certification?

The certificate will have a year stamp on it. Renewal is not mandatory, but of course recommended as one will get updated training material too. Renewal of the certification will be periodic, following big updates in our software. It will not be more often than once a year.

How many people are allowed per Trainers Academy?

To ensure the quality of the training, there will be a max. capacity of 10 spots handed out on a first come first served basis. We will have another trainers academy if we cannot meet the interest and demand of future trainers.

Can I translate the slides?

Of course! We encourage everyone to give trainings in their local language, as determined by their demand. We also want to coordinate this with our trainers.