We are opening our openLCA network following recent interest raised by the Trainers Academy, where some people and institutions would also want to have a closer relationship with GreenDelta and openLCA a part from giving trainings.

Therefore, we welcome businesses and institutions to consider joining our community as an openLCA partner.

For us, it is important that organisations:

    • are already working with openLCA, and the LCA field,
    • can and will give support and guidance for openLCA in their region, to new and already existing users, and
    • have enough time to dedicate to openLCA users in their region of coverage, also in the long run.

Becoming a partner means an opportunity to expand your business to incorporate a new line of care and support for openLCA, whilst also allowing for a close collaboration with GreenDelta in other areas. We see this as a great business growth opportunity for you.

Next steps

We are very happy to hear more about you if you think this is interesting. Just write us at partners@greendelta.com explaining your case, maybe also answering the three points made above. A link to your website would also help.

Thank you! We look forward to hearing from you.