We released openLCA 2.0 in May 2023 after a lot of work and iterations. Since the initial release we continued the developments leading to several updates, up to v2.0.4.

In January 2024 we are releasing openLCA 2.1. We recommend downloading this new version, not only for a better user experience but also to ensure correct calculations with impact directions inside impact categories (implemented for v2.0.3).

Here are some highlights of the main updates between versions 2.0 and 2.1.

Fixes for calculation

  • Memory leak in calculation affecting Monte Carlo simulation.
  • (!) Calculations with impact directions now fixed (since v.2.0.3), updated LCIA Method should be used together – this would have led to wrong calculation results in previous versions.

Folders for databases in Navigation Panel

    Improved regionalisation

    The geometry file of a regionalized LCIA method can be validated and fixed now:

    Intersections with database locations for a parameter can be tested now:

    Merge strategies for regionalized CFs:

    Added a new way to calculate and show social indicators

    You can enable this by going to File > Preferences > Experimental Features:

    Visualisation of results, improvements

    • display direct contributions in the upstream tree:
    • Excel export of results: configuration + upstream results.

    Other user experience improvements

    • Faster calculations with the Intel Math Kernel Library (MKL) (since v.2.0.3).
    • Improved dark mode interface.
    • Faster supply chain deletion in the model graph.
    • “AND” combines words in the search bar.
    • Rename global parameters: rename them also in cost-formulas.
    • Parameter usage: show usage in cost formulas in usage tree.
    • Show out-of-memory error when editor crashes for lazy calculations.

    Developer improvements

    • Updates of the IPC API.
    • Library export without inversion (useful for library-based databases in cloud services).

    Data import and export

    • Advanced export configuration for SimaPro CSV.
    • ILCD import: internal-ids must start with 1.
    • ILCD export for GaBi improved, selection of a pre-filled ILCD template to meet GaBi folder requirements in the import.


    • Simplified Chinese translation.

    You can download the latest version of openLCA here: /download/

    Where you can always check the changelog for latest changes per version upload.