openLCA in research

Used by academics all over the world, openLCA is a highly competitive full-fledged and innovative LCA/sustainability modelling software. Often, we are being asked for scientific research that has been conducted under use of openLCA which is why we decided to create a list of peer-reviewed journal articles that relate to openLCA.

Please let us know if you know additional articles that should be listed on this page and we will consider your request! We are also interested in publishing your openLCA model on this website under a Creative Commons license for other LCA practitioners to learn and teach openLCA and to contribute to facilitate sustainable development. Let us know if you would like to return a favor to the LCA community and share your openLCA model.


International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment

As of July 2018, the searching for openLCA in the International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment yields 28 results of which the following may qualify as case studies:

  • Pratiwi, A., G. Ravier, and A. Genter. 2018. “Life-Cycle Climate-Change Impact Assessment of Enhanced Geothermal System Plants in the Upper Rhine Valley.” Geothermics 75 (September): 26–39.
  • Ohms, Pernille, Camilla Andersen, Mathilde Landgren, and Morten Birkved. 2018. “Decision Support for Large Scale Remediation Strategies by Fused Urban Metabolism and Life Cycle Assessment.” The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, February, 1–15.
  • Sacchi, Romain. 2017. “A Trade-Based Method for Modelling Supply Markets in Consequential LCA Exemplified with Portland Cement and Bananas.” The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, November.
  • Scott, Ryan P., and Alison C. Cullen. 2016. “Reducing the Life Cycle Environmental Impacts of Kesterite Solar Photovoltaics: Comparing Carbon and Molybdenum Back Contact Options.” The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment 21 (1): 29–43.
  • Tabatabaie, Seyed Mohammad Hossein, and Ganti Suryanarayana Murthy. 2017. “Effect of Geographical Location and Stochastic Weather Variation on Life Cycle Assessment of Biodiesel Production from Camelina in the Northwestern USA.” The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment 22 (6): 867–82.
  • Tsang, Michael, David Meyer, Troy Hawkins, Wesley Ingwersen, and Phil Sayre. 2014. “Life Cycle Assessment for Emerging Materials: Case Study of a Garden Bed Constructed from Lumber Produced with Three Different Copper Treatments.” The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment 19 (6): 1345–55.


Other Journals

Other journal articles featuring work that has been done- or is related to openLCA include:

  • DUBCOVÁ, Mária, Ivona ŠKULTÉTYOVÁ, Mária TROŠANOVÁ, and Réka CSICSAIOVÁ. 2017. “Energy Recovery of the Sludge from Wastewater Treatment Plant and Its Impact on the Environment.” In Waste Forum.
  • Granda Marulanda, Nelson. 2017. “Sustainability Analysis for New Technologies of Biofuels and Additive Manufacturing.” Doctoral Dissertations, August.
  • Grudziński, Jerzy, Monika Krzywicka, and Łukasz Bolibok. 2016. “COMPUTER-AIDED ENVIRONMENTAL RISK ASSESSMENT OF POTATO CULTIVATION TECHNOLOGY USING OPENLCA SOFTWARE.” Journal of Ecological Engineering 17 (5): 198–202.
  • Kadhum, Haider Jawad, Karthik Rajendran, and Ganti S. Murthy. 2017. “Effect of Solids Loading on Ethanol Production: Experimental, Economic and Environmental Analysis.” Bioresource Technology 244 (November): 108–16.
  • Li, Huan, and Kai Feng. 2018. “Life Cycle Assessment of the Environmental Impacts and Energy Efficiency of an Integration of Sludge Anaerobic Digestion and Pyrolysis.” Journal of Cleaner Production 195 (September): 476–85.
  • Morau, Dominique, Tsiorimalala Rabarison, and Hery Rakotondramiarana. 2017. “Life Cycle Analysis of Green Roof Implemented in a Global South Low-Income Country.” British Journal of Environment and Climate Change 7 (1): 43–55.
  • Peter, Christiane, Katharina Helming, and Claas Nendel. 2017. “Do Greenhouse Gas Emission Calculations from Energy Crop Cultivation Reflect Actual Agricultural Management Practices? – A Review of Carbon Footprint Calculators.” Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 67 (January): 461–76.
  • Peters, Jens F., and Marcel Weil. 2018. “Providing a Common Base for Life Cycle Assessments of Li-Ion Batteries.” Journal of Cleaner Production 171 (January): 704–13.
  • Robayo-Salazar, Rafael Andres, Johanna Mercedes Mejía-Arcila, and Ruby Mejía de Gutiérrez. 2017. “Eco-Efficient Alkali-Activated Cement Based on Red Clay Brick Wastes Suitable for the Manufacturing of Building Materials.” Journal of Cleaner Production 166 (November): 242–52.
  • Tabatabaie, Seyed Mohammad Hossein, and Ganti S. Murthy. 2016. “Cradle to Farm Gate Life Cycle Assessment of Strawberry Production in the United States.” Journal of Cleaner Production 127 (July): 548–54.
  • Tabatabaie, Seyed Mohammad Hossein, Hoda Tahami, and Ganti S. Murthy. 2018. “A Regional Life Cycle Assessment and Economic Analysis of Camelina Biodiesel Production in the Pacific Northwestern US.” Journal of Cleaner Production 172 (January): 2389–2400.
  • Zaher, Usama, Stewart Higgins, and Lynne Carpenter-Boggs. 2016. “Interactive Life Cycle Assessment Framework to Evaluate Agricultural Impacts and Benchmark Emission Reduction Credits from Organic Management.” Journal of Cleaner Production 115 (March): 182–90.
  • Zamani, Bahareh, Gustav Sandin, Magdalena Svanström, and Greg M. Peters. 2018. “Hotspot Identification in the Clothing Industry Using Social Life Cycle Assessment—Opportunities and Challenges of Input-Output Modelling.” The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment 23 (3): 536–46.
  • Zastrow, Phillip, Francisca Molina-Moreno, Tatiana García-Segura, José V. Martí, and Víctor Yepes. 2017. “Life Cycle Assessment of Cost-Optimized Buttress Earth-Retaining Walls: A Parametric Study.” Journal of Cleaner Production 140 (January): 1037–48.