The openLCA framework is completely open source, and thereby invites external contributions, i.e. additions or improvements to the code. Following a phase with practically no external input, several external collaborations are now in the pipeline.

One early contribution came from Oliver Kusche in 2010 from the Institute of Applied Computer Science within the KIT – Oliver developed some nice logos for the site.

The US-American LCA Digital Commons project, located at the National Agricultural Library of the US Department of Agriculture, has been building onto the openCLA code for over three years now. The Digital Commons project group isalso creating LCA datasets with openLCA for different agricultural crops produced in the US, as published on the LCA Digital Commons website.

We would also like to thank those who took their time to translate the openLCA software:

ArabicKhaoula Masmoudi
BulgarianChris Pachev
CatalanJosep Anton Mir Tutusaus
ChineseGab Lin, Dr. Jindan Du, Martin Pluta
FrenchThibault Laville, Maxime Auvy
GermanDr. Andreas Ciroth, Franziska Möller
HungarianArtúr Szilágyi
ItalianDr. Giorgio Cantino
PortugueseCarla Gama
SpanishCristina Rodríguez
TurkishOzge Yilmaz