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  • Create an example case study
  • Submit data
  • Report a bug
  • Submit a feature request
  • Submit code.

We are open for input and feedback, obviously
Please get into contact with us. Thank you!

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Existing openLCA contributors

The openLCA framework is completely open source, and thereby invites external contributions, i.e. additions or improvements to the code. Following a phase with practically no external input, several external collaborations are now in the pipeline.

We would also like to thank those who took their time to translate the openLCA software:

  • Arabic: Khaoula Masmoudi
  • Bulgarian: Chris Pachev
  • Catalan: Josep Anton Mir Tutusaus
  • Chinese: Gab Lin, Dr. Jindan Du, Martin Pluta
  • French: Thibault Laville, Maxime Auvy
  • German: Dr. Andreas Ciroth, Franziska Möller
  • Hungarian: Artúr Szilágyi
  • Italian: Dr. Giorgio Cantino
  • Portuguese: Carla Gama
  • Spanish: Cristina Rodríguez
  • Turkish: Ozge Yilmaz