Following the release of openLCA 2.1.1 earlier this year, we are now ready with openLCA 2.2 as of June 2024. Apart from welcoming you with a new green splash on the homepage to reflect the change in seasons, this version includes quite some new updates:

Enhanced documentation

You can now view an updated documentation tab in the process editor, featuring many more fields for ILCD compatibility, including multiple reviews, compliance declarations, and flow completeness.


A soda4LCA tool for direct dataset search

Since long, openLCA has had a direct connection to soda4LCA, which is an ILCD datasets storage application with functionalities that allow LCA data import, export and search.

Now, in openLCA 2.2 you can find a soda4LCA tool for directly searching and downloading datasets from soda4LCA online databases.

Go to Tools > soda4LCA > click on Known hosts to view pre-configured database connections

Other improvements

• An improved ILCD import (also for EPDs)
• Enhanced internationalization of messages, popups, and labels, increasing coverage by 70% (more translations and additional languages will be added soon).
• (!) Bug fixes: the system should no longer crash due to 0-values in product outputs and waste inputs (e.g., in LCA commons). The validation process will now also detect these flows.


You can download the latest version of openLCA here: /download/
The changelog with a list of changes per version upload can be checked with the same link above.