The latest version of Exiobase, version 3.8.2, released in December 2022 for openLCA, includes some major changes. Most notably, this release of this multi-regional Input-Output database sees the release of two databases.


New features

  • Two databases: The most significant difference to the previous version of Exiobase, is that with this release, two databases have been published; a product by product (pxp) and industry by industry (ixi) database. The product by product database follows the industry technology assumption and contains 200 product classifications. The industry by industry database on the other hand follows the fixed product sales assumption and contains 163 industry classifications.
  • Layout: The layout of this version of Exiobase also sees a change. There are no country-specific categories. Instead, there are only categories for products/industries in which you find all the processes or flows for all relevant countries or regions.
  • Removal of redundant processes and exchanges: Due to Exiobase being a multiregional Input-Output database each process contained many zero values exchanges. All of these were not included in the databases to allow for readability. Furthermore, if a country does not produce a given product (in the case of the pxp database) or misses a certain industry (in the case of the ixi databsase), the associated process was not included in the databases. This is unlike the previous version where empty processes were present for that reason.
  • Polygons: Country- and region-specific shape files have been included in the databases to allow for the visualization of these countries/regions on a world map.


New Data

The data for this release of Exiobase were sourced from Zenodo ( and have been provided by the Exiobase Consortium. The data are for the year 2022. Data from previous years were not included in the two databases. The product by product and industry by industry databases contains 200 product and 163 industry classifications, respectively, for 44 countries and 5 ‘Rest of World’ regions.


Get Exiobase v3.8.2 for openLCA

Exiobase v3.8.2 can be acquired through openLCA Nexus: 

For more information on all available data packages and the scope of datasets in each data package, please visit “documents tab” in openLCA Nexus