A new version of soca database for openLCA can already be ordered through the Nexus website!

We have released the latest version of the soca database (version 2), which combines PSILCA v.3 and ecoinvent v.3.7.1. Therefore, an ecoinvent 3.7.1 licence is required. soca is available for all system models (APOS, cut-off, and consequential).


Users that have maintenance of the soca licence will receive the update.



Sustainability assessment combines social, economic, and environmental aspects. In order to conduct these assessments within the life cycle context, databases for the background are required, and they are essential for the obtention of complete models and results. ecoinvent is one of the most applied databases worldwide to perform Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) and Life Cycle Costing (LCC). On the other hand PSILCA, released by GreenDelta five years ago, provides a full and comprehensive database for social Life Cycle Assessment (sLCA).

In order to combine them into one single database, GreenDelta released the soca database, which consists of an extension of ecoinvent, through the addition of social aspects (obtained in PSILCA) to ecoinvent processes. To do so, ecoinvent processes (according to their locations) were mapped in relation to the Country-Specific Sectors (CSS) of PSILCA.

GreenDelta released the first version of soca database in 2017, and it was a combination of ecoinvent v.3.3 and PSILCA v.1.