Partner in Italy

Italy has one of the largest user groups for openLCA.

Since Febuary 2014, GREENSTEP (formerly beLCA) is the openLCA partner for providing local, qualified support and training, for openLCA, and for LCA methodologies and applications.

At GREENSTEP, we transfer the know-how gained by several years in the field of applied research from academy to the customer to identify and implement innovative solutions for sustainability and circular economy. GREENSTEP team members are skilled professional consultants with master and PhD degrees in Environmental Assessment and passionate researchers who love to transfer their knowledge to the clients and to develop new strategies and solutions that really give them the chance to make a real step forward for a more sustainable way to get their things done.

Our services include:

  • consultancy in the field of life cycle sustainability assessment and of circular economy
  • training and technical support services
  • distribution and customization of professional software solutions for sustainability assessments, circular economy and BIM modeling
  • support for the development and submission of research proposal under the main funding schemes

For any inquiries and questions, please visit our website or send us an email to