Partner in Canada

The Interdisciplinary Research Laboratory on Sustainable Engineering and Ecodesign in Canada (Quebec) is a research institution with the goal to reduce the environmental impacts of productive industries. As such, we work with private companies, academia, government and non-government organizations to find solutions to environmental problems and how to effectively reduce them. We seek to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy promoting sustainable development, at all levels of organizations. Our expertise includes:
  • Life Cycle assessment (LCA) and circular economy
  • Life cycle costing (LCC)
  • Social life cycle assessment (SLCA)
  • Footprints (carbon, water, energy, etc.)
  • Streamlined LCA, Life Cycle Thinking (LCT) Tools and Education
  • Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) Development and reviewing
  • Product Category Rules (PCR)
  • Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)
  • Pre-feasibility of sustainability studies.
For any inquiries and questions, please visit our website or send us an email to