Here we go: We have now released version 1.2.0 of the collaboration server, which is available for download via We mainly worked on minor changes of the user interface and fixed some bugs.

If you want to upgrade the collaboration server from a previous version, please be sure to backup the collaboration server data directory. Subsequently, use the installer jar and select u(pgrade) when prompted. The internal database will be upgraded as well as the search index. A full re-indexing of all repositories will be necessary.


What exactly is the LCA Collaboration Server?

The LCA Collaboration Server is a server application that complements openLCA (the LCA desktop application). It facilitates exchange and synchronisation of LCA data (e.g. flows, processes, product systems or entire LCA models) between users who work from different computers, enabling distributed, collaborative LCA modelling. The Collaboration Server introduces industry-established concepts from software development to the LCA world, with e.g. on-demand tracking of changes as well as comparison of databases and optional merging of data. It is so far unique. The Collaboration Server is available for free. Prioritized support is available on demand via our helpdesk on Nexus.