The latest version of the GaBi databases, version 2022.2, released November 2022, are now available in openLCA. These databases are exclusively available for openLCA 2.0.


New features

This release of the GaBi databases in openLCA sees no additional features compared to the previous version. However, the GaBi databases have been adapted more rigorously to the openLCA ecosystem.

  • Removal of redundant units and unit groups: Duplicate units were present across different unit groups. Such units were removed from the database and redundant unit groups were likewise removed.
  • Substitution of reference flows: In openLCA, quantitative references within processes cannot be waste flows when they are on the output side and cannot be product flows when they are on the input side. However, in the data provided to GreenDelta this occurred multiple times. Therefore, substitute quantitative reference flows were created of the correct for these occurrences.



It has to be noted that for this version of the GaBi databases only the impact method ‘Environmental Footprint’ is available. This is because of unmatching universal unique identifiers in the methods that were provided to GreenDelta so far, rendering us unable to integrate all potentially available impact methods. This can hopefully be resolved in the near future.


New data

The data for this version of the GaBi database were provided by Sphera Solutions, Inc.


Get GaBi databases for openLCA

For more information on all available data packages and the scope of datasets in each data package you can read the report here.

The database can be obtained with an existing maintenance or by buying it from the database provider, Sphera Solutions, Inc.

To download openLCA 2.0 please go to our downloads page. At the time of release of the GaBi 2022.2 database, the download can be found under “latest builds”.